Friday, May 29, 2009

Dare to Dream in Bancroft

There are 81 neighborhoods in the City of Minneapolis and I'd never heard of Bancroft prior to the time that I took these photos last week. I've driven down its streets but it wasn't until I stepped out of my car to take some photos and talked to some people on the street that I found out more.

The Bancroft Neighborhood Association has aided in some of the murals in the area. Some of them appear to have been created from El Colegio Charter School; a small public high school in Minneapolis that has been serving students in English and Spanish since 2000.

3744 E 38th Street
Dare to Dream, 2008; Greta McLain & El Colegio Charter School students
Photographed on 05.23.2009

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  1. If you go over to El Colegio, at 42nd and Bloomington Ave. South, you'll see that the students got permission to paint at least 3 or 4 garage doors on the streets surrounding the school.