Sunday, December 13, 2009

Midtown Global Exchange

Inside the Midtown Global Market building located at 920 East Lake Street is this mural. I grabbed a quick photo while there with some friends after a volleyball game on 10.18.2009.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lynlake/CARAG Dunn Bros

Snapped this photo on the way to a celebration event at Bryant Lake Bowl. Across the street is Dunn Bros Coffee. On the side of this 821 W Lake St business is this mural in Minneapolis's CARAG (Calhoun Area Residents Action Group) Neighborhood. Now clearly the sign says Lyn-lake Neighborhood... but I guess that's more of how people recognize the area not the city neighborhood.

Anybody live in this area? what do you all call it?

found again

Just found these photos I took a while back in the Bryant Neighborhood. It appears they did some work on this wall to avoid it being illegally tagged. Think this was across the street from a Fire Station.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A trip down Chicago Ave

At the Corner of Chicago Ave & E 34th Street is some sort of school and across the street Southeast Asian Family Services. The side of their building has this mural in the edge of the Powderhorn Neighborhood.

Couldn't help but enjoy the contrast of real flowers and the fake painted butterfly.

Although it was a cloud day this sunburst still lit up the wall.

Drive down Chicago Ave one more block south and find Jakeeno's Pizza & Pasta (3555 Chicago Ave) with this lively mural on their side parking lot wall. The sign on the window said 4-6pm Happy Hour (take at happy hour prices???).

Now another note is that it appears to be thin crust pizza... yet its on Chicago Avenue? mmm

murals on bars...

This mural is spotted while driving past the back/side of the Cardinal Tavern (2920 E 38th St) in the Standish Neighborhood right near the 38th Street Light Rail station.

intermedia arts building

located at 2822 Lyndale Ave S Minneapolis Intermedia Arts is a " multidisciplinary center dedicated to engaging the power of the arts in addressing social and human issues" The outside of all sides of the building are covered in great ever-changing murals. From what I hear they are also the starting ground for many of the murals in the Lowery Hill East Neighborhood. Some amazing stuff to stop and view on a summers day.

I love the "rules of the game" (statement that this is art and that one should gain permission). Kill your Television.

Which wall do you like the best?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Little Earth of United Tribes

Founded in 1973 the Little Earth Community Partnership provides urban housing for American Indians populations in Minneapolis MN.

2495 18th Avenue South Minneapolis
Photographed 05.10.2009

The bright sunny day that I stopped to take some photos here I immediately was welcomed by a few people who were happy and proud to talk to me about the persons who had helped in the creation of the murals. Unfortunately nobody there at the time could remember any names. When I called later I was bounced from one person to the next.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cal Surf

I the ECCO neighborhood (East Calhoun)... on the way to meet up with someone at Barbette I noticed this mural on the side of Cal Surf located at 1715 W. Lake St. Minneapolis. Knowing that I'm always running early I jumped into the shop to ask about the mural.

The person at the counter was very friendly and happy to engage in a conversation about it. He informed me it was done 2 summers ago in 2007 by about 4-5 people. They were "John G" (John Grider aka broken crows), Eric Inkala, Drew Peterson, and some others. The work, he explained really shows a combination of their trademarks, such as the bathtub man, and some other pieces.

Its hard to get a good full frontal of it because its in a narrow alley on the side of the building. I'm honestly not sure I've seen this one before today because I normally travel east on the one-way W Lake street without looking back.

I'd love to have a big studio apt with this on a full brick wall inside. Wouldn't you?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Many different styles

So I stand in front of this large mural and I don't see the forest I see the trees. All of the words and the ones that jump right out at me are "brilliant image" I have to say it was just great and it made me smile. That was good because I had just been the down the street in Corcoran where a grumpy guy avoided me and discussion of the neighborhood murals like the plague.

3400 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis
Modern Window Shade Co.
Across the street (technically in the Corcoran Neighborhood) is a gas station building with a similar in style & quote mural. See my post "Quotes from the Sun"

The wall reads:
One day the sun admitted
I am just a shadow
I wish I could show you
the infinite incandescence
that has cast my brilliant image!
When you are lonely or in darkness
the astonishing light
of your own being.
-Hafiz; 14th century Persian Poet

La Poblantia
1623 E Lake Street Minneapolis
Photographed on 05.10.2009
Artist Unknown

Ingebretsen's Scandinavian Gifts
1601 E Lake Street Minneapolis
I've noticed that not too many European-American descendants have murals. Anyone have thoughts on this?

1562 E Lake Street Minneapolis
Appears to be a yougth created work; this intersection had many murals of differing styles. This along a long wall of a business.

1701 E Lake Street Minneapolis
This mural shows the courtyard with few artisans & people around, la escuela (school) an a church in the background. At first I thought... why paint a mundane scene showing little life and excitement but then I reflected that perhaps its showing a down time in the day, time for siesta, reflection, or tranquility.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Laundry & Breakfast

More from Lowery Hill East Neighborhood
Photographed 05.23.2009

The side & rear of the City Coin Laundry are touched by painted murals. W 27th Street & S Lyndale Avenue Minneapolis
It says "Bottles and Cans, Amanda W, Wooster, OH"

Rear of the Coin City Laundry.

On the rear of Sunnyside Up Cafe
2704 Lyndale Avenue S Minneapolis

While waking in the back parking lot of the laundry & breakfast place I saw a reflection of color in a window down the block. I started walking towards it then I saw it was a reflection of a mural. I turn around and BAM a big mural (seen above).

So I was kinda memorized by this wall of ink and I totally forgot to look what the stores were in the front.

Back Ally Surprise

Back Ally Surprise... yeah it might not exactly sound like a thing you'd desire but after I was following a lead on a mural I spotted another mural then went to park my vehicle to go and view and then surprise in this back ally there was a long line of murals. The Lowery Hill East Neighborhood has a ton.

One of the murals in the ally is tagged

Painted on opposite side of ally on garage of 2645 Aldrich Avenue S Minneapolis

Music, Immigration, & Bars... let's have murals!

The Cedar Riverside community, considered part of Minneapolis' West Bank, is home to a large in number & vibrant immigrant population whom have added not only to the population, to the businesses, and of course the art. Of course the neighborhood is also know for is bars & music venues too!

514 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis
Artist Unknown
Photographed 05.10.2009

Cedar Cultural Center
416 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis
Artist Unknown
Photographed 05.10.2009
I love the fact that on the day I stopped to take this photo that 2 other people were there to take some pictures at the same time :)

The Nomad World Pub
501 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis
Artist Unknown
Photographed 05.10.2009