Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Laundry & Breakfast

More from Lowery Hill East Neighborhood
Photographed 05.23.2009

The side & rear of the City Coin Laundry are touched by painted murals. W 27th Street & S Lyndale Avenue Minneapolis
It says "Bottles and Cans, Amanda W, Wooster, OH"

Rear of the Coin City Laundry.

On the rear of Sunnyside Up Cafe
2704 Lyndale Avenue S Minneapolis

While waking in the back parking lot of the laundry & breakfast place I saw a reflection of color in a window down the block. I started walking towards it then I saw it was a reflection of a mural. I turn around and BAM a big mural (seen above).

So I was kinda memorized by this wall of ink and I totally forgot to look what the stores were in the front.

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  1. LOL! The stores in front of that last mural are a soccer supply store, an electrical company, and what used to be Twin Cities Vacuum, but is now an empty storefront. It makes me kind of sad -- TC Vacuum was there FOREVER, like, seriously, since the dinosaurs roamed the earth, and I imagine (in my head) that the guy who ran it must have died. It had to have been a family business.

    If you're on that block, you MUST have photographed Intermedia Arts at least a couple times, right? :)

    -- Amy