Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cal Surf

I the ECCO neighborhood (East Calhoun)... on the way to meet up with someone at Barbette I noticed this mural on the side of Cal Surf located at 1715 W. Lake St. Minneapolis. Knowing that I'm always running early I jumped into the shop to ask about the mural.

The person at the counter was very friendly and happy to engage in a conversation about it. He informed me it was done 2 summers ago in 2007 by about 4-5 people. They were "John G" (John Grider aka broken crows), Eric Inkala, Drew Peterson, and some others. The work, he explained really shows a combination of their trademarks, such as the bathtub man, and some other pieces.

Its hard to get a good full frontal of it because its in a narrow alley on the side of the building. I'm honestly not sure I've seen this one before today because I normally travel east on the one-way W Lake street without looking back.

I'd love to have a big studio apt with this on a full brick wall inside. Wouldn't you?

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